About Me (I’m sorry for the generic title)

timothy-huneycuttHowdy! (oh god, why did I say that)

Hopefully you’re enjoying my jumble of words — if not, well, sounds like you’re in the wrong corner of the Internet.

But enough about you — let’s talk about me!

I was born and raised just outside of Dallas, where I lived with my parents until after I graduated from college. I started off as an English major, but, after a horrible experience with a Hobbit professor (a story for another time), I switched to Communications and was instructed by the Mayor of Commerce (another story for another time).

Despite my major switch, I maintained a second major in English because the rest of my professors were amazing — many of whom are now my friends — and I genuinely loved studying literature and writing essays.

Yes, I’m aware of my nerd status.

Today, I’m an SEO Team Supervisor / Onboarding Specialist living in Dallas, working for a major software development company. I also sang second tenor in a national choir, which was fun.

It’s been a pretty crazy ride getting up to this point, and I have no idea where I’m going ne next, but I’m learning to enjoy all the twists and turns — which brings us here.

I’ve always loved to write. I honestly cannot recall a time when I wasn’t writing in a journal or imagining stories or piecing together lines of terrible, angsty poems.

I also love to read and watch movies and TV shows.

So, I’ve decided to marry my two passions and (formally/finally) start reviewing/talking about movies and shows and stuff. But I don’t want to just post bland reviews. I want to share my thoughts and start conversations!

I believe in the online community. I know the Internet gets a bad rap, and I’ve encountered some pretty nasty trolls — but I’ve also met some of my very best friends on these here interwebz.

So if you wanna chill, you can follow me on Twitter here — or, if you wanna just lurk and be creepy, you do you. 😉